Application Of Tinplates

Tin Mill Products are used for Steel Packaging for FMCG and Industrial Products . It has major advantage over other packaging raw materials like Plastics, Tetra pack due to its Preserveness abilities for longer periods, strength of handling bulk liquids( Plastics are bound to bulge for large volumes ), Passiveness to the chemicals ,ingredients of Food articles ( Plastics or tetra pack get puffed after some time ) etc.

By far the largest application of tinplate is in packaging and it is ideally suited for this purpose, by virtue of it being
non‐toxic, light in weight, strong, corrosion resistant and easily formed, soldered and welded it also provides
an excellent printing surface.

The tin coating has a low melting point, possesses lubricant qualities and imparts a good appearance. Cans made from tinplate are easy to handle, dispose and store. Tinplate is primarily used for packaging foodstuffs and beverages, but it is also used in containers for oils, grease, paints, powdered, polishes, waxes, chemicals and many other products. Aerosol containers and caps and closures are also made from tinplates.